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Brookside offers a membership class known as Brookside 101. This class is an important step in connecting at Brookside Baptist Church and provides an exciting journey through some of the foundational beliefs and core objectives of our church. If you have been a Christian for some time, much of the territory will be refreshingly familiar. If you have come to Christ more recently, you are in for some exciting new discoveries.


We begin by exploring Brookside’s mission. Who are we and what has God called us to do as a body of believers?  What does the term “Baptist” in our name mean?  Our goal in this segment is to help you understand our mission and expose you to the vision God has given us to fulfill for His glory.


Next, we spend several weeks together talking about Brookside’s doctrinal message. We explore the core beliefs and doctrines we hold from the New Testament. While this will not be a full-orbed doctrinal class, we do feel it is important that you know what we believe and where we stand on several primary doctrines of the Christian faith. An important part of our discussion is the implications these beliefs have for our daily living as we try to live out what we believe in ways that honor God and reflect Christ accurately and attractively to a spiritually darkened world.


The final are we explore is the ministry of Brookside. This will give you a good flavor of the atmosphere and culture you will find here at Brookside. We believe you will like what you discover here so much you will want to become a committed member!

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