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Our Beliefs

What we believe determines how we behave. This makes the doctrines we believe as a church profoundly important. There is a defined set of biblical teaching that we must understand, obey, practice, and defend as believers.


Sadly, we live in an age where the very institution given the responsibility to teach, practice, and guard sound doctrine has set doctrine aside as unimportant. In fact, many churches actually believe doctrine is not only impractical but is also a hindrance to growth. Our belief at Brookside is exactly the opposite. We believe sound doctrine is essential in order to grow healthy disciples who are pleasing God.


Some doctrines are so important to God, that to fail to believe and hold them is to fall short of being a Biblical Christian. Those doctrines transcend all denominational lines and fall into the category described by Paul in Ephesians 4:4-6. Other doctrines define the boundaries of genuine fellowship and unity within a particular community of faith such as Brookside. We are to hold these doctrines together in unity by guarding and protecting peace (Ephesians 4:3). The core beliefs and doctrines that we hold as a church are stated in our Statement of Faith. 

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